Reselling For Distinctive Merchandise


Thank you for your interest in reselling for Distinctive Merchandise. We are a wholesale/retail supplier of quality merchandise such as home and garden décor, birdhouses, bird feeders, candles, bath and body items, inspirational items, and gifts for all occasions.

We at Distinctive Merchandise have taken a great deal of care in selecting some of the best quality gifts that you will find anywhere. We have selected them not just for their fine quality but also for their great value. We stand behind every one of our items and know you will be pleased with each and every selection you make.

We have helped many people start their own home-based business using our products and proven programs. Take the programs tour to find out more!

We are looking forward to the potential of doing business with you. We know you will find many items that will augment your inventory and of course, your bottom line! So if you are ready and interested, contact us at

The Details

SPECIAL PRICING*: The pricing that you see on our website is retail pricing. As a wholesale purchaser, all products are available to you at a discount. 

WEEKLY REPORT: We provide a weekly inventory report on our website for your convenience. This report contains information about discontinued items, out of stock items, retail pricing, premier pricing (wholesale pricing), pack size, the quantity available, ETA date for restock items, and more. 

ORDERING PROCESS: When we receive an order it is entered into our order processing system that same day and our Simi Valley, CA. area warehouse processes it and ships within two business days. Orders generally arrive within 7 to 10 days excluding weekends and holidays.

MINIMUM ORDERS: No minimum orders for online retailers with a shop or brick and mortar stores, except as specified due to the way some items are display packaged. Individuals wishing to resell must maintain a minimum order of $350 each quarter of the year (every 3 months from start date) to maintain reseller status.

SHIPPING: Free shipping for orders over $75.00.

WARRANTY: All merchandise is fully guaranteed. Contact us for replacements of any defective items.

DAMAGES: All damages must be reported within 30 days. All damaged goods will be replaced at no charge. Do not return any products without instructions and an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization).

CONTRACTS: No messy contracts! Sell for as long as you wish provided you maintain the minimum order quantity.

SELLING: You may sell products in whatever manner you choose provided it does not break the law. You may copy images and descriptions from any of our products for your own use. You may also purchase a catalog or download a free catalog for your use if elect not to participate in one of our six distributorship programs. Please note that items in the catalog do become discontinued and may not always be available. Check the weekly report for availability and quantities. 

*Special pricing does not apply to LipSense products.