Program Plans

 As a distributor you may choose the money making plan(s) that suits you best. Direct selling to consumers permits you to make instant cash sales. You take the order and deliver at the same time. Our low distributor prices also let you sell at Flea Markets or through the Home Party Plan method, take the catalog to your office, plus any other means you feel comfortable with. As you can see, you can earn big profits for yourself many different ways. Use one or all of our many programs to generate extra income. Whatever your goal ..... there's a plan for you. Do you have to select a program from the list below? NOPE! We simply provide these extra programs as a way to really kick-start your business. Your only requirement is to purchase a Distributor Selling Membership plan and maintain the required sales each quarter (individuals only).

Here's how the plan works:

To protect ourselves from insincere people who are not interested in starting a part-time business, we ask that you send a $35.00 "good faith" deposit which will be refunded to you in FULL, upon accumulation of $350.00  in orders with us at wholesale distributor prices. We feel you will understand that we cannot give access to curiosity seekers or those who just want to pay less for a few items never to purchase from us again. We feel our Associate Distributor Program can help anyone interested in starting a Home Business the chance to do so without a big expense.

Remember.... to prove our own sincerity, the "good faith" deposit is refunded to you!


That's it! Pretty simple --- which is why it's been working so well for many people!
Now you can make your dreams a reality. We all have dreams and hopes and aspirations for a better life. But unless we make a decision to act, all we will ever have in the future is dreams.

You have the facts about one of the most profitable and desirable undertakings available.  You have learned about a great opportunity. Now is the time for decisive action. If you have confidence in yourself, if you have the self-discipline to follow our easy step by step instructions, if you realize that accomplishment comes only as a result of effort, then we want you as a Distributor in our organization.

Order your Distributor Selling Membership today and start on your road to a profitable future.



Listed below are just a few easy ways to get started in your own business.
Which of these can you see yourself using? Check out any link for more information on the program and associated costs!

Money from Catalog Orders

Money from Online Sales

Money at Home Parties

Money at Flea Markets/Swap Meets

Money with a Kiosk

Money from Fund-Raising