Distributor Program


 Before we begin, let us give you a few facts.

  1. Did you know that each year, more and more people are starting a home-based business?
  2. Most  of these businesses started with little or no investment.
  3. All of these people started their businesses in their spare-time, to supplement their Income, and found that they were making more money with their spare-time business, then they were making, with their primary jobs.
  4. They were their Own Boss, working as little or as much as they wanted, depending on their goals.
  5. Most of these spare-time businesses became so profitable, that they gave up their full-time 9 to 5 job, and turned their part-time businesses into full-time profitable businesses. 

What did these people have, that helped them achieve their goals?
They had . . .

  • The Desire to achieve Financial Success!
  • The Motivation to reach their goal!
  • Proven, Business Plan, to help them in their venture!
  • The right Tools, to help make their Business Plan a Reality!

    Our Distributor Programs can help you achieve YOUR goals! You supply the Desire to Succeed...We'll supply the Proven Business Plan, the Tools and the Motivation, to help you achieve success! We'll also supply Ongoing Support, and Extra Tools, to help you along!



    • We provide over 2000 fast-selling products at wholesale prices.
    • We warehouse all that merchandise for you.
    • We provide proven marketing programs with easy to follow instructions, and extra tools to help you along.
    • You get orders and make profits of 50-60%!
    • We process and ship your orders to you within 24-48 hours.

    Here's the other part of the formula:

    Our success depends upon yours.  We make money when you buy merchandise from us to fill YOUR orders. So of course we do everything possible to help you succeed.  So, you want to be your own boss? All you need is ambition, opportunity, and action.  If you have the ambition, we have the opportunity.